Cacoecimorpha pronubana

Cacoecimorpha pronubana

Cacoecimorpha pronubana (cacoecia, capua, o gusano del clavel)

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Diagnostic characters

State Size Features

Larva up to 20 m. Greyish green body with well-defined yellowish pinnacles. The head is brown with dark spots.

Adult 15-24 mm. Anterior wings reddish brown with darker spots forming a V when folded. The female is larger (18-24 mm) and lighter in color.

Egg 1 mm. Oval shape, greenish, arranged in plastones.

Annual generations


Control - Chemical - In fruit trees

Moment: After flowering.

It is advisable to carry out a chemical treatment if in the previous harvest more than 1% of the fruits had symptoms of this pest (including the other two species of caterpillars of the skin: Adoxophyes orana and Pandemis heparana).

The monitoring of C. pronubana populations is carried out through sexual pheromone traps, but its use as a direct control agent through the interruption of mating is still being questioned.

Parts of the plant that are not known to transport the pest in trade / transport

To bark

Bulbs / Tubers / Corms / Rhizomes

Fruits (including pods)

Growth medium that accompanies the plants


Stems (above ground) / Sprouts / Trunks / Branches

True seeds (inc. Grain)


Data sheet
45 days / 6 weeks
Horticultural and Fruit


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Cacoecimorpha pronubana

Cacoecimorpha pronubana (cacoecia, capua, o gusano del clavel)

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