Agrotis segetum

Agrotis segetum

Agrotis segetum (Rosquilla, gusano gris, gusanos grises del césped)

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Diagnostic characters

State Size Features

Larva Up to 50 mm Earth color, with 5 pairs of false legs. It differs from other gray worms in that it has a characteristic cream-colored spot at the end of its abdomen.

Adult 45-55 mm Brown anterior wings with three triangular spots and white posterior wings.

Egg <1 mm Spherical, whitish.

Phenological cycle

They spend the winter like larvae buried in the ground inside a cocoon of earth. In spring they restart the activity, feeding at night and buried in the ground at 2 cm of surface during the day. When the caterpillar completes all its stages, it buries to 20 cm and pupa. Adults appear in summer and once they have reproduced, the female lays the eggs on the underside of the leaves of the crop, in weeds or directly on the ground.

Annual generations


Symptoms / Damage

The main damage occurs in young plants (for example seedlings of horticultural crops) where they gnaw the neck causing the "fall of seedlings".

They also eat roots and tubers.

In adult plants they attack the green parts closest to the soil.

In other occasions, in the vine for example, they feed on the buds, destroying them. They do not usually attack clusters and these attacks are usually in the stands. The younger the plantation is, the more important this pest becomes.

Data sheet
45 days / 6 weeks
Horticultural and Fruit


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Agrotis segetum

Agrotis segetum (Rosquilla, gusano gris, gusanos grises del césped)

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