Agriotes sordidus

Agriotes sordidus

Agriotes sordidus (Gusano del alambre)

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State Size Features

Larva 18-20 mm Cylindrical and elongated from orange to bright brown. It has three thoracic legs and its body is very hard.

Adult 7-12 mm Ogive shape, elliptical and brown to black.

There are several species of wireworms and all have similar characteristics, so for practical purposes it is not necessary to distinguish them.

Annual generations

1 every 4 or 5 years.

Symptoms / Damage

They destroy seeds, they practice galleries in tubers, they destroy the roots and the stem in seedlings.

The crops that can be used by their underground organs (potatoes, beets, carrots) suffer a total commercial depreciation.

Damage to plants such as tomatoes translates into widespread decay, lack of vigor and finally production is reduced.

When doing this treatment you are also fighting other soil insects such as white worms or nematodes.

The larvae are sensitive to drought so they always look for areas of more humidity.

Data sheet
45 days / 6 weeks
Horticultural and Fruit


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Agriotes sordidus

Agriotes sordidus (Gusano del alambre)

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