Sexual Confusion Cydia pomonella

Sexual Confusion Cydia pomonella

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Cidetrack 250 diffusors 1/2 hA for Cydia pomonella (Carpocapsa)

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CIDETRAK® CMDA COMBO are PVC plastic devices that are installed on the side branches of 1 year of fruit trees (Apple, Pears and Quinces), confuses the communication of mating between adult male and female moths, reducing the fertile egg position , suppressing the consequent infestation of larvae and reduces the need to intervene with insecticide applications. It is recommended to apply the CIDETRAK® CMDA COMBO in adult orchards of more than 4 hectares. DOSE: 800 - 1000 devices per hectare. In very large trees may require reinforcements. LOCATION: They are installed in the upper third of the tree, from the maximum height 0.7-1.0 meters down, in twigs of a year. EPOCA: Install the devices once they have been biofixed (first capture of males), before the first flight of the apple moth begins.

RESIDUAL EFFECT: Depends highly on the temperature conditions and the attack pressure of the fruit species. Under conditions of populations and normal temperatures, its duration is approximately 140 days, when installed in the biofix of the first generation. In high-population orchards it is recommended to use CIDETRAK® CMDA COMBO accompanied by the complete program of applications of insecticides for the control of the moth throughout the season. For this reason it is suggested in the orchards treated with CIDETRAK® CMDA COMBO to monitor the pest with special PHEROCON® CM MEGA traps for its greater concentration of pheromones per capsule (10 mg of Codlemona). It is recommended to make visual fruit evaluations periodically and record them, as well as for the captures of individuals in the monitoring traps. If damages of Cydia pomonella are observed and / or there are sustained catches in traps inside the treated barracks, insecticides should be applied. In late-harvest orchards with CIDETRAK® CMDA COMBO, surrounded by early-harvest orchards, applications of insecticides should be made to protect the fruit of possible gravid females coming from sectors without CIDETRAK® CMDA COMBO treatment.

 In orchards with mixtures of early and late varieties and with pheromones of confusion where at the end of the season there are sectors with fruit of the late varieties, it is recommended to supplement with insecticide applications, if the monitoring of the traps within the system justifies it.

The trees adjacent to the orchard are polluting sources, since fecundated females can fly to the garden treated with CIDETRAK® CMDA COMBO and oviposit on the fruit. The above is valid for neighboring orchards without control of Cydia pomonella and / or abandoned, neighbors to packings (bins) or near centers with luminaires, therefore it is recommended to make border applications with insecticide.

 In those orchards where Cydia pomonella is sprinkled there is always a mating percentage, which is why it is mandatory to treat the whole garden with CIDETRAK® CMDA COMBO to avoid possible contamination from the sprinkled area. The applications of agrochemicals do not interfere with the devices arranged in the garden. For a maximum of effectiveness, the fruit that was not harvested from the trees and the soil must be removed and destroyed to reduce the source of contamination.

LOSS PERIOD Not applicable due to the nature of the product.

TIME OF RE-ENTRY: It does not correspond to the nature of the product.

 INCOMPATIBILITY: Not applicable due to these installation devices.

 PHYTO-TOXICITY: Not applicable because these devices are installed


 (E, E) -8,10-dodecadien-1-ol (Codlemona) belongs to the chemical group of unsaturated aliphatic alcohols and ethyl (E, Z) -2,4-decadienoate belongs to the group of unsaturated aliphatic esters. CIDETRAK® CMDA COMBO is a PVC plastic device containing female pheromone of Apple Moth (Cydia pomonella) and a pear ester. The active ingredient (8E, 10E) - 8,10-dodecadien-1-ol belongs to the chemical group of pheromones and the pear ester belongs to the chemical group of the kairemonas. CIDETRAK® CMDA COMBO has no action on other species. CIDETRAK® CMDA COMBO for its use, and characteristics, does not present risks for human beings and warm-blooded animals; therefore, there are no protection measures for their use. CIDETRAK® CMDA COMBO must be stored in its original container, tightly closed, stored in a cool, dry and locked place, with temperatures below 40ºC.

Remove empty containers by making them useless, in a place allowed or designated for this purpose by the pertinent authority. After installation, wash body parts and clothing with plenty of water and soap that may have had prolonged contact with the product.

SYMPTOMS OF INTOXICATION: Due to its presentation, CIDETRAK® CMDA COMBO can not be ingested since it is a PVC plastic device, inside which the pheromone goes. It can cause skin irritations.

FIRST AID: May cause skin irritation, wash with plenty of clean water. If irritation persists, call a doctor. Avoid bringing the device closer to the eyes and ears. Antidote: There is no specific antidote.

ECOTOXICITY: It is not toxic to bees, natural enemies and / or beneficial insects, etc. Do not apply directly to water courses and do not contaminate water sources.

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180 days / 6 months
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Sexual Confusion Cydia pomonella

* We will request the identification number at the time of formalizing the order.
More information.

Cidetrack 250 diffusors 1/2 hA for Cydia pomonella (Carpocapsa)

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