Borozinc 10kg

Borozinc 10kg

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BOROZINC prevents the deficiencies of Boron and / or Zinc. BOROZINC is specially formulated for fruit trees sensitive to Boron and Zinc deficiencies. BOROZINC is a product that prevents the formation of rosettes, and whose soft formula allows to be used in sensitive periods of application, periods that correspond to a strong growth and an increase in needs. The rigorous selection of the raw materials used in BOROZINC guarantees a solubility of 100% and a faster dissolution in the treatment broth.


Acidifying Base Active pH = Complex Organic Acid and Buffer: Optimum and fast penetration of the elements. Absorption rate close to 100%. / Better affinity of the acid mixture with the vegetable cuticle. / No precipitation of elements with water calcium (insolubilization). / Compatible with most of the phytosanitary products. / Acidifier and pH stabilizer (buffer power). / Solubility of the nutrients present in the leaf. / Particularly recommended in the case of hard and / or calcareous water.


Maximum concentration 0.5% (500 g / hL of water). · Foliar: 2-4 kg / ha per application in all crops. · Radicular: 4-8 kg / ha.

FOLIAR APPLICATION · FRUIT TREES IN GENERAL - Dosage: 2 kg / ha - Maximum concentration: 1% - Periods: Possible applications in flower buds, preflowering, petal fall and fruit set. Dosage: 4 kg / ha - Maximum concentration: 2% - Periods: For reserve phase application in autumn. · OLIVE TREE - Dose: 2-3 kg / ha - Maximum concentration: 1% - Periods: 1st Application at the beginning of the cycle (spring), 2nd at 15 days and 3rd post-harvest. · VIÑA - Dosage: 2 kg / ha - Maximum concentration: 0.5% - Periods: 1st Application in separate inflorescences, 2nd Floral buttons and 3rd Curd. Dosage: 4 kg / ha - Maximum concentration: 2% - Periods: For reserve, application in autumn after harvesting on wood. · HORTICULTURAL CROPS (tomato, pepper, melon, watermelon, strawberry, celery, cauliflower, etc.) - Dosage: 3 kg / ha. Maximum concentration: 0.4% - Periods: 2-3 applications. 1st application with well-rooted plants and well-developed leaves and then with 15-day intervals. · EXTENSIVE CROPS (corn, alfalfa, beet, sunflower, cotton, rapeseed, etc) - Dosage: 3 kg / ha. Maximum concentration: 1% - Periods: In general from 1 to 2 applications on well developed leaves. Alfalfa from 1 to 2 applications from after cutting to flowering. Beet with 6/10 leaves and another in coating. RADICULAR APPLICATION Dose: 4-8 kg / ha - Maximum concentration: 1% - Periods: In general 1-2 applications from the beginning of the cycle. Cultivation of melon-type cucurbit, watermelon, etc. Perform one application a week after the transplant and another one after 15 days.


To obtain a good efficiency, use a sufficient volume of water / ha to achieve a homogeneous distribution of the application. It is recommended to treat between temperatures of 6 and 25 ºC. Avoid treatments in cases of extreme drought, humidity, frost, rain or when these extreme conditions are expected. Pour the product progressively once the water tank is half full and the stirring system is running. Maintain agitation throughout the application. Rinse the container twice and clean all equipment before and after use. In case of mixing with other products, always carry out a preliminary test.



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Borozinc 10kg

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