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Improves soil activity by controlling bacterial flora and fauna; also its fulvic action is essential for the assimilation of nutrients via root. Similarly, the product can also be used foliarly and in some cases "vehicular" with other phytosanitary products.

Natural organo-mineral fluid obtained by an exclusive method of protein hydrolysis of animal origin.

This product represents a source of natural and balanced nutrients for both foliar and root assimilation, improving nutrient and phytosanitary absorption.

In the manufacturing process of Hemostar Protein, animal proteins are transformed into low molecular weight peptides, readily available for assimilation, helping the plant to quickly overcome moments of "stress" and increasing productivity and yield.

These peptides represent a source of organic nitrogen that is particularly important for homeostasis of the plant:

The peptides derived from the proteins of the blood indicate a balanced measurement in the 22 natural amino acids, including the amino acids called "essential".

These "essential" amino acids represent a limiting factor in all biological reactions, so their presence is essential for a complete development of the plant.

Among them, proline is one of the most important amino acids in the processes that enhance photosynthesis and stomatal opening, as well as the ability to perform osmoregulation.



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