Adult individuals of Anthocoris nemoralis

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AnthoNatur ©

What is AnthoNatur ©?

AnthoNatur © is composed of nymphs and adults of Anthocoris nemoralis, a predator of psyllids found naturally around the peninsula.

Where is it used?

Anthocorids are used mainly in pear crops and ornamental plants, although its use can be generalized to everything that is related to psyllids.

What formats and what's in the package?

The most used formats are containers of 100, 250 and 500 individuals.

In the package is composed of fertile adults, nymphs (still unable to fly) and a piece of beans with eggs of anthocorids. This makes it possible to ensure the maintenance of the population over time in the affected area.

What is the recommended dosage?

For fruit trees, it is recommended to carry out a preventive application of 2000 Ind / ha (distributed throughout the campaign). In case of ornamentals, it is recommended to release 25 ind / tree.

Its introduction is done at the end of winter or at the beginning of March.

How does it apply?

Before opening the container, put it in a horizontal position and shake the container slightly to have a homogeneous distribution of the insect. Once this is done, open the container and place part of the substrate with anthocorids in the dispensing boxes (BoxNatur) which are included with the product.

In case of fruit trees it is recommended that about 40 ind / BoxNatur be distributed and for ornamentals about 25 ind / BoxNatur.

Its distribution can be homogeneous by the plot / garden area or focused on the critical areas of psila.

Under what conditions will the product arrive?

When we send our product we try that it arrives in a maximum term of 2 days and in conditions of temperature between 10 and 20ºC.

It is recommended not to expose the packaged product to high insolation and / or heat conditions.

How much time do I have to release without affecting their qualities?

Since the antocorido is a living being it has a maximum time and conditions of survival inside the container.

It is recommended to keep the container in shade and cool conditions (8-10ºC) while it is not released. If possible, release immediately after receipt.

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Adult individuals of Anthocoris nemoralis

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