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Solution of free amino acids, micropéptidos AMP's and organic matter of vegetal origin. Activator of transport and defense mechanisms of plants. It has bio-stimulating and fortifying properties of plants, which minimize the incidence of viral, fungal and internal bacterial infections.

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Predatory mite

Neoseiulus californicus

Use Spical-Plus to:

Red spider

red spider of the fruit trees

red citrus mite

cyclamen spider

white spider


Each sachet contains 100 predatory mites and keeps the mites (in all its stages) mixed with bran.


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Predator bug

Nesidiocoris tenuis

Use Nesibug to:

White fly of greenhouses

White tobacco fly

Red spider


Eggs of butterflies

Eggs of butterflies and tomato moth




500 ml bottle containing 500 to 1,000 adults and nymphs mixed with wood shavings

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Predatory mite

Amblyseius swirskii

Use Swirski-Mite Plus to:

Young larvae of various species of thrips

Eggs and larvae of white fly


Box with 100 envelopes

Box with 500 envelopes

Each paper envelope contains 250 predatory mites and other mites mixed with bran.