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Predatory mites

Phytoseiulus persimilis

Use Spidex to:

Red spider


100 ml bottle with dosing cap, containing 2 000 adults

500 ml bottle, containing 10 000 adults

Each bottle contains adults mixed with wood shavings

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Mosquito cecidómido

Feltiella acarisuga

Use Spidend to:

Red spiders


Pot of 550 ml, containing 250 cecidomids

Each pot contains pupae on leaves

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Predatory mite

Neoseiulus californicus

Use Spical to:

Red spider

red spider of the fruit trees

red citrus mite

cyclamen spider

white spider


500 ml bottle, containing 25 000 predatory mites

Each bottle contains predatory mites (all mobile phases) mixed with inert transport material

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The gummed bottom is used in conjunction with the pheromone and the delta trap. Inside the trap the rubberized bottom is placed and the pheromone is placed in the center of this bottom.