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Insecticide of plant growth regulator (IGR)

Azadirachtin 3.2% (32 g / l)

Use Azafit to:

Azafit is a complementary tool in the control of whitefly, tuta, thrips, aphids and other pests in multiple crops, especially when strategies of integrated production and prevention of resistance are followed. Azafit is respectful with a large number of beneficial insects.


1 liter bottle

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Lecanicillium muscarium Ve6 (19-79)

Use Mycotal to:

Mycotal is used to control white fly pests and thrips in vegetables, ornamental plants, nursery trees and soft fruit, which grow in protected culture (country specific).


Mycotal is sold in 500 gram polyethylene bags with an outer carton.

Formula: Water dispersible granule (WG)

Concentration: 1010 spores / gram