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Predatory mite

Neoseiulus cucumeris

Use Thripex to:

Various species of thrips


1 000 ml bottle, containing 50 000 predatory mites and flour mites

6 000 ml bucket, containing 100 000 predatory mites and flour mites

Each bottle or bucket contains predatory mites (all stages) and flour mites (all stages) mixed with bran

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Moan predator

Orius laevigatus

Use Thripor-L to:

Several species of trips


100 ml bottle, containing 500 adults and nymphs

100 ml bottle, containing 2,000 adults and nymphs

The bottles contain predatory bugs mixed with buckwheat and vermiculite

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Entomopathogenic nematodes

Steinernema carpocapsae

Use Troyan to:

Troyan contains the beneficial nematode Steinernema carpocapsae that infects and kills larvae, pupae and adult worms in the ground.


Troyan Standard: Box with 2 envelopes

Each envelope contains 250 million nematodes

Each sachet contains 90.5% Steinernema carpocapsae, 9.5% inert material