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Predatory mite

Neoseiulus californicus

Use Spical to:

Red spider

red spider of the fruit trees

red citrus mite

cyclamen spider

white spider


500 ml bottle, containing 25 000 predatory mites

Each bottle contains predatory mites (all mobile phases) mixed with inert transport material

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Predatory mite

Neoseiulus cucumeris

Use Thripex to:

Various species of thrips


1 000 ml bottle, containing 50 000 predatory mites and flour mites

6 000 ml bucket, containing 100 000 predatory mites and flour mites

Each bottle or bucket contains predatory mites (all stages) and flour mites (all stages) mixed with bran

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Hymenoptera parasitoid

Aphytis melinus

Use Aphytis to:

Parasitize and prey on females and males of 2nd and 3rd instar larvae and adult females not fertilized with California red louse (Aonidiella aurantii), white louse of lemon tree (Aspidiotus nerii), St. Joseph's louse (Quadraspidiotus perniciosus) and other pillbugs.


Each 250 ml bottle contains 10,000 adults in 8 green strips of paper

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Parasitic wasp

Anagyrus pseudococci

Use Citripar to:

Mealy louse

Mealy mealybug of the vine


Each bottle contains mummies mixed with wood shavings

50 ml bottle, from which 500 parasitic wasps emerge

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Predatory mite

Macrocheles robustulus

Use Macro-Mite to:

Pupae of thrips

Eggs, larvae and pupae of the mulch flies (sciarids)

Larvae of lyprauta


Cardboard tubes containing 50,000 predatory mites (all stages) in vermiculite